Consulting Services: Make the most of your consulting resources

Are you relying on homegrown tracking and billing applications to run your consulting projects? Are you managing consultants around the world the old-fashioned way – via spreadsheets, emails and phone calls during the wee hours? Are you constantly dealing with project overruns and delivery delays?

More than ever, time is money in the world of consulting. Time wasted on non-billable tasks is lost revenue so it's critical that your consultants keep menial tasks to a minimum so they can focus on their clients.

Run you consulting business more efficiently and profitably

  • Collaboration. NetSuite OpenAir's Project Workspaces enable consultants to capture and share important documents and intellectual property among team members, regardless of their location, so they can benefit from each other's experiences.
  • Automation. OpenAir eliminates manual errors, oversights and rekeying of data, which frees your staff to spend more time being strategic. You'll also get the latest project and resource information, which helps you plug up revenue leaks.
  • Flexibility. Since every business works a little differently, OpenAir lets you customize your reports to be customer-centric. You can slice and dice your data the way you want. Your consultants can even input their expenses on their iPhones between meetings.
  • Global. OpenAir determines availability and skill set from a global resources pool so you can assign the right consultant to jump on a project. Even better, OpenAir downloads daily exchange rates to automatically convert international currencies to your local currency.