NetSuite OpenAir

Creative Services: Put an end to creative project and resource management headaches

Are your traffic people still getting approvals by physically tracking down people for sign-off? Are you staffing accounts by appropriately matching skill sets and experience with opportunity, or are you swayed by the squeaky wheel? Are your estimates based on project history or on a rough estimation?

Some agencies don't feel like they need a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution like OpenAir. They may not even know what one is, for that matter. However, those agencies that have adopted OpenAir have quickly discovered what it can do for their business and for their bottom line.

Run your business more efficiently and profitably

  • Streamlined delivery. Imagine no longer having to hound people for timesheets or worry about missed deadlines. OpenAir not only streamlines your project processes, it helps you properly staff your accounts based on experience, availability, and skill set.
  • Saves time. As a solution that tackles project management, resource management, time and expense tracking, billing and invoicing, OpenAir makes sure you're not rekeying information or reinventing the wheel for each new project. Project templates and estimates based on past work save time and increase accuracy.
  • Visibility. With insight into every facet of your projects — Who is working on what? How many hours have been burned? Who has time? — you can make informed decisions that maximize profitability and ensure you won't lose your shirt on your next assignment.
  • Scalability. No matter the size of your organization, OpenAir can customize a scalable solution based on your specific needs. Because our software is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) application that operates in the Cloud, you don't have to worry about maintenance fees, hardware costs, or IT resources to maintain it or manage upgrades.