The resource and project management solution for IT Services companies

Are you experiencing down time every time your software needs a costly upgrade? Are your billing practices disjointed and archaic? Are some of your services professionals completely overworked while others seem to be coasting?

In this economic climate, you need to be as savvy as ever to reduce downtime and increase billable hours. But without accurate data, it's hard to know who is maxed out and who has time on their hands.

Take control over your profitability with OpenAir

  • Improved Resource Management. Take resource planning to a whole new level with OpenAir by appropriately assigning staff based on skill sets, capacity, and experience.
  • Improved workflow. From project scoping through completion, OpenAir streamlines end-to-end workflow for the lifecycle of your projects.
  • Automation. OpenAir replaces your manual processes so more can be done in less time, with fewer people.
  • Financial efficiency. OpenAir's centralized billing has an automated link to invoicing to ensure that there are no billing delays. Our PSA's crisp reporting tool helps with more accurate forecasting, so you can make decisions with confidence and anticipate resource needs.