Professional Services: No more expense overruns or lost billable hours

Is your staff bogged down with administrative tasks instead of spending time with clients?
Are your billing practices manual and decentralized? Is your organization leaking revenue despite greater pressure than ever to be profitable?

With the bulk of your professional services staff on site at client offices or on the road, your organization has lots of moving parts. Without centralized resource planning and a timely project reporting system, data becomes stale. You end up making decisions based on outdated information or your gut.

Leading resource management for Professional Services

  • Collaboration. With one data repository, NetSuite OpenAir lets your staff efficiently share information throughout the lifecycle of a project. This ensures that everyone stays in the loop and has the latest information.
  • Optimization. From planning and budgeting to analysis and reporting, OpenAir provides real-time access to data, allowing you to effectively staff your projects to deliver high-quality, high-margin projects every time. Better yet, OpenAir is so efficient it often pays for itself within the first year.
  • Visibility. With 24/7 dashboard capability you no longer have to make decisions blindly. OpenAir lets you accurately track time against estimates to flag project overages. You can also budget based on historical data, assign the right people at the right time in the right location, and take control of your projects and resources.
  • Flexibility. Being in the Cloud means there's no software to buy, install, or maintain, so OpenAir is fast to deploy and easy to implement. It's also highly customizable, scalable, and open and lets you access critical information whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Global. OpenAir automatically does real-time foreign currency conversions for you, so you don't have to worry about crunching numbers.