NetSuite OpenAir

The only Services Resource Planning software solution to manage your entire services business

NetSuite SRP is the service industry's first and only end-to-end services resource planning (SRP) software solution to support your entire services business—from customer relationship management (CRM) and professional services automation (PSA) software, to accounting/enterprise resource planning (ERP)—all in a single, integrated and powerful software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite.

What makes NetSuite SRP different is that it's built around a single customer record, so sales, project managers, consultants, accounting, and executives all use the same information for every project. Because NetSuite gives you vital business intelligence in real time, you get a complete view of your services operations so you can make better decisions faster.

With SRP software from NetSuite you gain:

  • Lower TCO — Reduced total cost of ownership results from deploying a SaaS suite for all core aspects of a project based business, due to eliminated hardware, maintenance and IT personnel costs.
  • Real-Time Visibility — With NetSuite SRP, data about customers with booked projects flows dynamically from sales to the services department; data about invoices and expenses resulting from service delivery then flows from services to the finance and sales departments. Everyone in the organization gains the real-time visibility required to deliver the best client management possible.
  • Flexible and Customizable Business Processes — When you manage your entire services business on a single system, redundant data entry is eliminated, saving valuable time and increasing productivity. In addition, business processes are tailored around best practices for end-to-end management of services organizations and can be customized to accommodate specific business rules and workflows with NetSuite's SuiteFlex tools.
  • Metrics-Driven Management — Services organizations can manage their businesses by key metrics and be empowered to make timely, fact-based course corrections with dashboard analytics ranging from resource and project management, to key performance indicators (KPIs), graphical report snapshots, trend graphs and KPI scorecards.
  • Global Support and Enterprise Scalability — NetSuite SRP offers enterprise scalability without the worry or cost of continuous uptime monitoring, system backups and performance tuning, thanks to an isolated-tenancy dedicated database, "sandbox" test environment, and 24x7 global customer support.

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