About Us

OpenAir: dedicated to helping project-based organizations increase their return on assets

OpenAir started with a simple vision: that project-based organizations needed a more effective way to manage their key assets, namely their employees and their expertise. Just as ERP systems improved manufacturing operations, software could help service firms and internal service groups operate more effectively and profitably.

Leveraging the Internet

At the same time, the Web was revolutionizing the way companies could offer software solutions. Web-based software, whether delivered as an ASP or installed onsite, represents a dramatic leap ahead of traditional client/server software. It is instantly accessible from anywhere, for easy collaboration among authorized users. There's no software to buy, install, or maintain, so it is fast and affordable to deploy. It's secure and private, and offers state-of-the-art data backup and protection.

Manage resources, projects, knowledge, finances

So OpenAir built a business around its vision, developing a comprehensive suite of Web-native software applications that help project-based organizations manage their resources, projects, knowledge, and finances. OpenAir quickly earned praise of industry analysts and the attention of key industry players, including IBM, who chose OpenAir as an e-business Partner and xSP Prime Partner.

Serving the world's best services organizations

The award-winning OpenAir solution serves leading services professionals at companies worldwide. Our customers include internal professional services groups, IT and management consulting firms, law firms, accounting firms, advertising and PR agencies, Internet Services firms, and internal IT groups.