Case Study

Delirium Corporation Uses OpenAir to Centralize Its Global E-Business


Monitoring the activity of a global client list that includes such industry giants as Panasonic, CNET, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, and 7-Eleven could easily have become a formidable task for Delirium Corporation, which has five offices operating worldwide in New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, and Beijing, and others soon to be added in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This Asian marketplace-focused Internet consulting company, whose services include e-business and e-commerce planning and strategy, identified the need for a time and billing solution.

Employees at Delirium across the world are experts in their respective fields. In his role as Project Manager, Antonino ("Tony") Sandoval had a major challenge. He spends most of his time in New York but has to remain in routine contact with the members of Delirium's global staff and compile information across the various offices for financial reporting.

Enter OpenAir

OpenAir is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution that streamlines business processes through a platform of integrated, Web-native services. By centralizing reporting tools on a Web-native platform, OpenAir enables Delirium employees to input job data individually, while simultaneously giving Tony the ability to track each employee's profitability.

"Approximately 200 Delirium employees worldwide have benefited greatly from the TimeBills [renamed Invoices] module at OpenAir," said Tony, adding that he personally saves two to three hours of administrative work per week by using OpenAir. "I am especially pleased with the ease with which I can now centrally compile and sort information."

The Web-native nature of OpenAir was a major factor in helping Delirium decide to use the service. "The fact that you can access it through a browser makes it that much more appealing. If we had to install software to run it, we probably wouldn't use it," said Tony. "It's more the ability to use it whenever and wherever we are. A lot of our people travel around and we're spread out between here and Asia. We're gathering more information than if we didn't use OpenAir."

Rapid scalability

As the primary account administrator at Delirium, Tony is easily able to add users to the system and create usage and data access roles customized to individual users' needs. And OpenAir's easy scalability has helped Delirium grow. Since Delirium began using OpenAir, it has acquired additional offices. "We didn't have to install and support OpenAir," said Tony. "It took that whole project out of the process and it was inexpensive." There are now dozens of project managers across the globe using OpenAir to monitor all ongoing client projects, equipped with the central reporting tools necessary to analyze data for them all.