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Corporate IT Departments

The IT department is transforming from a cost center to a center for value creation in today's enterprise. A company's business technology is a true source of competitive differentiation, and IT departments now play a new, front-line role in increasing customer activity and satisfaction, driving corporate strategy and ultimately improving revenues and profits.

While many application tools already exist for IT managers to support their people and processes, most are typically in the form of nonintegrated point solutions that require a significant amount of manual input to fill in the functionality gaps.

The OpenAir solution for corporate IT departments delivers an integrated solution for managing and monitoring projects, people, time, and costs – all through an intuitive, maintenance-free application.

Some areas in which OpenAir will specifically benefit IT departments include:


Running an IT department with OpenAir's integrated system insures seamless project workflows, from project scoping and staffing through completion. The result is reduced project cycle times achieved by automating the service delivery process and by giving employees powerful new tools for real-time collaboration and information sharing. Managers are also able to track the status of current projects and analyze the anticipated utilization of resources, thus enabling them to quickly and sensibly reallocate time and resources as needed.

Resource and time management

The OpenAir solution integrates Resource Management and Time & Expense systems into the Project Management module, ensuring that projects are staffed appropriately based on the skills and availability of employees. And because OpenAir is a web-native solution, managers are able to easily monitor and coordinate the activities of off-site and temporary resources. More importantly, by using OpenAir, IT departments are able to easily track and charge each individual's time and expenses to the correct department.

Quantifiable results

OpenAir provides managers and executives alike with an unparalleled view of an IT organization's performance. The system's robust and customizable reports allow organizations to plan, manage, and measure operational efficiency. OpenAir helps corporations to truly understand the total cost (and benefit) of ownership of their information technology systems.

Minimal maintenance and ownership costs

OpenAir recognizes the importance of time and money to IT departments, so its solution has been designed to deliver a maintenance-free product at an unparalleled price point. Regardless of whether a customer is using the pure ASP model or the OpenAir Onsite deployment option, there is never any software to install, upgrade, or maintain, so companies do not have to expend valuable time and resources managing their internal business infrastructure.