Customer Success Story


Marketing, PR and Advertising

People are your core assets. They drive creativity, create and maintain client relationships, and generate value for the firm. For your agency to grow and prosper, your people need to juggle multiple activities and deliver high-quality results on time and profitably.

OpenAir helps shape the creative, media, production, and client services groups into powerful collaborative teams. Our comprehensive solution manages clients from finding prospects through billing, and facilitates team communication throughout the relationship.

Some of the benefits delivered by the OpenAir solution include:

Improved service quality

OpenAir's customizable system for project and resource management improves the quality and consistency of service delivery. Projects are staffed appropriately based upon each employee's skills and availability, and project templates map the internal best practices of an agency so that these can be shared and reproduced by everyone in the firm. This helps to brand the unique services of the agency and ensures that future products are delivered with consistent quality.

Greater operational efficiency

OpenAir streamlines service delivery by automating and integrating core business processes. Redundant and inefficient administrative tasks are eliminated and employees are given powerful new tools for real-time collaboration and information sharing. The end product is not only a more productive, satisfied workforce, but also an immediate increase in billable hours and profits.

Increased visibility

Partners and managers gain unprecedented insight into their company's operations. Prospect, project, and employee information is instantly accessible through both standard and customizable reports that enable organizations to begin utilizing quantifiable performance metrics in their operational and strategic planning.

Minimal maintenance and ownership costs

The OpenAir solution has been designed to deliver a maintenance-free product at an unparalleled price point. Regardless of whether a customer is using the pure ASP model or the OpenAir Onsite deployment option, there is never any software to install, upgrade, or maintain, which results in a dramatically lower total cost of ownership than traditional systems permit.