Customer Success Story


Technology Product Companies

Growth in the professional services industry in recent years has been driven largely by product companies that offer technical and/or strategic support services to their customers. OpenAir meets the needs of project-based organizations that often lack the infrastructure and information systems necessary to support a growing operation and increasingly dispersed workforce.

OpenAir has developed a comprehensive, integrated solution that automates the service delivery process, provides a platform for collaboration and information sharing, and offers a robust analytical reporting system to managers and executives.

Some of the key product attributes of the OpenAir solution for project-based companies include:

Flexible management systems

The OpenAir application service delivers proven Project and Resource Management tools based upon industry best practices that enable companies to streamline operations and more appropriately staff projects. But the OpenAir solution also adapts quickly to individual company needs without expensive customization and software upgrades. The system can be easily configured to comply with the unique terminology, workflows, and culture of different service groups, even within the same organization.

Seamless integration

Professional Service groups are often one part of much larger corporations; therefore the OpenAir system has been designed to allow for seamless integration with front-and back-office applications. This not only eliminates redundant administrative tasks, but also improves the quality of the information in the system by having a single data-entry point.

A low-maintenance solution

The integrated OpenAir system is a comprehensive solution that serves as both the infrastructure and information backbone for a service organization, while having been designed to require minimal maintenance and support from a company's IT department. Regardless of whether a customer is using the pure ASP model or the OpenAir Onsite deployment option, there is never any software to install, upgrade, or maintain, thus enabling companies to focus on serving their customers rather than their internal systems.


By integrating all of the core systems for service delivery, OpenAir is able to offer managers and executives unparalleled insight into the operational and financial performance of their organization. OpenAir's customizable reporting system enables companies to track both broad performance indicators and key analytical metrics to the desired granularity for each leader in the organization.