Consulting Firms

Consulting firms today need to operate more efficiently than ever to remain competitive. At the same time these firms are facing new challenges as they become more virtual and dynamic in nature. Increasingly, employees are scattered across offices or working on a contract basis, and the size of these organizations often fluctuates dramatically with the business cycle.

For these companies, OpenAir provides a virtual information backbone that enables users to organize, communicate, and share information with both internal and external stakeholders. And our solution's robust resource management and reporting functionality give managers real-time access to the key analytical metrics information needed to run their organization.

Some of the key product attributes of the OpenAir solution for technology companies include:

Virtual collaboration

OpenAir provides anytime, anywhere access to the mobile and global workforces of technology service companies. The OpenAir solution allows for easy collaboration and information sharing among users, and as a web-native product, it delivers full functionality regardless of whether users are in the office or on the road.

Resource management

By using the OpenAir solution, companies can make certain that their valuable and expensive workforce is being optimized and that each individual employee is utilized appropriately. Projects can be quickly staffed based on both resource requirements and availability, resulting in increased satisfaction and retention of customers and employees alike.


OpenAir provides managers and executives with the analytical tools necessary to manage complex and dynamic organizations. The real-time information platform improves a manager's ability to plan, forecast and deploy resources, while the robust reporting system allows companies to begin measuring performance based on key operational and strategic metrics.


The OpenAir solution also adapts quickly to individual company needs without expensive customization and software upgrades. The system can be easily configured to comply with the unique terminology, workflows, and cultures of different service groups. Moreover, the 30-day product iteration cycle means OpenAir is able to continuously deliver product enhancements to customers in response to the changing needs of organizations. Whether a customer is using the pure ASP model or the OpenAir Onsite deployment option, there is never any software to install, upgrade, or maintain, resulting in a dramatically lower total cost of ownership than traditional systems permit.