Automated, online Expenses in OpenAir
OpenAir helps companies around the world improve profitability and maximize cash flow by automating the expense management and approval process
Decrease costs and automate the expense management process by entering your receipts in OpenAir’s easy-to-use expense grid or using our American Express integration

Accelerate the re-billing of expenses by leveraging email alerts and reminders to ensure timely expense tracking and billing and routing expense reports electronically for line, multi-level or project-based approvals

Eliminate downtime and stay connected on the road by leveraging OpenAir’s Blackberry and iPhone applications or OpenAir’s offline tool

Ensure seamless data integrity and eliminate redundant data entry by integrating OpenAir with your accounting system, including NetSuite, Quickbooks, MS Dynamics, and Oracle

Case Study
International Software and Media Firm Eliminates Overhead and Automates Expense Billing after Replacing @task with OpenAir
Case Study
National Teachers Union Uses OpenAir to Streamline Processes, and Reduce Expense Reimbursement Cycle
Automated alerts and online submissions have taken out
the leg work from expense tracking.
- Carrie Cox, OpenAir Administrator – DTI