Resource Management
Solution from OpenAir

OpenAir helps companies around the world generate additional revenue and profits by automating the resource management process
Increase resource utilization and profitability by keeping the right resources on the right projects and avoiding gaps in staffing

Decrease expenses and downtime by automating the staffing process of booking resources to projects and tasks

Make better staffing decisions by providing your team with the same real-time and updated data on resource availability and skill sets

Gain better insight into key operating metrics for your firm by integrating forecasted demand planning and hiring needs with financial forecasting

White papers
Resource Management in a Down Economy
By RTM Consulting
Eliminate the whiteboard and the dartboard: keys to optimizing the resource management process
With OpenAir, Bluewolf Group has experienced at least a 5-10%
boost in utilization, resulting in a significant increase in revenue.
- Eric Berridge, Principal and Co-founder – Bluewolf Group, LLC