Product Update

October 27, 2000

New OpenAir services and features launched today:

  1. Suite-wide features: more My Account functionality, user-defined fields, and more.

  2. Add on features and data integration: Version 1.5 of OpenAir for the Palm Computing® Platform, Peachtree Complete Accounting integration.

  3. Time Bills: billing rate matrix, multiple simultaneous invoices, track task in TimeBills, additional currencies.

  4. Project Tracking: task list view, custom Gantt view, monthly view, and seventeen new reports.

1. Suite-wide features: more My Account functionality, user-defined fields, and more.

  • Comprehensive Account functionality in My Account. Administrators can now maintain Account and Admin information for all modules in one location. We created a cross-module Account tab in My Account to streamline the addition of users, the selection of approval workflow, the creation of projects, etc. For ease of use, the Account tab also remains in each module.

  • Enhanced Data Exchange functionality in My Account. Administrators familiar with the Data Exchange tab will now use the renamed Exchange tab. Functionality includes Add-on Services (including OpenAir OffLine, OpenAir for the Palm Computing® Platform and OpenAir Wireless) and Import/Export (including data backup, batch data transfer, Microsoft® Outlook, Palm Pilot® Desktop address book and appointments, Peachtree Complete Accounting, and Intuit® QuickBooks Pro).

  • Customize your default module. Now users can choose the module they first see upon logging into OpenAir. Navigate to My Account>My Options>[Select "Module to start in"].

  • User-defined customized fields in OpenAir screens. Administrators can now create their own customized fields in select OpenAir screens. Navigate to My Account>Company>Custom Fields>[Select Custom Field in the Create:New Entries dropdown list]. Then, choose to create a new field in the User, Client, TimeBill, Receipt, or Project screen. Choose the type of field required: numeric, currency, date, text, checkbox, radio button, or dropdown menu. Select a name for the field and the appropriate dropdown or radio button choices in applicable. The next time users log into you OpenAir account, they will have the option of logging data in the new field.

  • Customize Payment Type. Administrators can now create customized payment types such as multiple company credit cards, bankcards, etc. When users log expenses in Expense Reports and expense TimeBills, they can choose from company-specific payment types.

  • Communicate OpenAir Product Updates and Newsletters users. Administrators can now automatically provide information on new OpenAir features and news by subscribing users to Product Updates and Newsletters. Navigate to My Account>Account>Users>[Select user]>Demographic>[Scroll to "Email OpenAir Newsletter to user" and Email OpenAir Product Updates to user” check boxes].

  • New look for module navigation buttons. We have reordered the module buttons in the application suite to reflect a logical professional services business cycle. Now, the modules read: My Account, Proposals, Project Tracking, Time Sheets, Expense Reports, Time Bills and Help.

2. Add on features and data integration: Version 1.5 of OpenAir for the Palm Computing® Platform, Peachtree Complete Accounting integration.

  • New OpenAir for the Palm Computing® Platform! We have re-launched the Palm application to include Time Sheets, Expense Reports and Time Bills. Plus, the Palm application also enables users to transfer open TimeSheets, Envelopes for Expense Reports and TimeBills from the OpenAir Web site to a user's Palm OS® device and back to the Web site. Please email us at with any suggestions or feedback.

  • Peachtree Complete Accounting integration launched. Now Peachtree users can seamlessly import and export their employees, vendors, projects, clients, inventory items, time TimeBills and expense TimeBills between Peachtree and OpenAir. Administrators navigate to My Account>Exchange>Import/Export to instantly integrate. If you have any questions or would like help with data integration, please contact our professional services staff at

3. Time Bills

  • Customize billing rates by project by user. Your company has been able to use OpenAir to customize billing rates by user, by service, and by client-project. Now, to charge different billing rates for the same person on different projects, use the new billing rate matrix. Administrators enable the feature by navigating to My Account>Company>[Scroll down to the bottom “Get hourly billing rate from” and select User/Project]. To begin using this feature, navigate to My Account>Account>Projects>[Select appropriate project]>Billing Rates>[Select appropriate user and rate]. When no user or rate is specified in this screen, the rate defaults to the user rate set up in the User screen.

  • Send multiple simultaneous invoices. Time Bills users navigates to Time Bills>Invoices>[Select Multiple Invoices from the New Entries:Create dropdown list]. Then, the user indicates which Time Bills to invoice by selecting a date range or a billing code. A billing code can be set up for one or many clients by navigating to the Client screen and creating a billing code. Then, the user chooses by checkbox to create a new invoice for every unique project or unique user. Finally, the user chooses to deliver the invoices via email or EZ Invoice. After clicking submit, the user has an opportunity to view the selected invoices before mailing.

  • Track tasks in Time Bills. Now, users can track tasks (set up and assigned in the Project Tracking module) while logging time in Time Bills. Navigate to Time Bills>[Select Hourly TimeBill from the New Entry:Create drop down list].

  • New currencies. As more international users sign up for OpenAir, we continue to add international features. This month, we have added the Danish Krone and the Norwegian Krone to our list of currencies.

4. Project Tracking

  • User-requested reporting enhancements to Project Tracking. Seventeen new reports are available for viewing and analyzing Project Tracking data including a Planned vs. Actual Hours report, an Over Budget and Late Tasks report, and a User-Task report.

  • New Task List tab in Project Tracking. We have also added a new Task list tab so that users can view all assigned tasks by project, can see tasks by user, and can record and communicate to project managers the completion of a task.

  • Customizable Project Tracking Gantt chart views. To enhance the usability of the Gantt chart view, we have enabled users to customize Gantt chart layout. Users can choose to only display task name and Gantt view or include any of the following data fields in the view: task/phase ID, dependency, user assigned to task, duration, start/end date, billed hours, planned hours, worked hours, and percent complete. Plus, administrators can customize the Gantt view to show daily, weekly and monthly time frames.