Product Update

April 11, 2002

1. Resources: configure, search, and report on custom resource attributes.

OpenAir has made resource profiles, resource searching, and utilization reporting more configurable. Now, resource managers can customize up to ten attributes for employees. In addition, these resource attributes can be categorized to apply only to appropriate resources. For example, a resource manager can set up OpenAir so that only technology-related skills appear as search options when they are searching for a resource in the technology function.

To create custom resource attributes, administrators navigate to Resources>Options, and fill out the form. Check the resource attributes that are relevant and name them appropriately. Then, indicate which attributes are dependent up on other attributes.

Once the resource attributes are configured, Resource managers navigate to Resources>Custom search and search for resources as usual to take advantage of the new, more granular search criteria.

To report on new custom resource attributes, navigate to any summary, detail, or utilization report and use the detail field filters to customize the report to include/exclude certain resources. Another way to report on resources by attribute is to navigate to Resources>Bookings>click on the customize link at the bottom of the page. Then select those custom attributes for viewing.

2. Projects: ability to close tasks and new ways to assign users to tasks.

Project managers can now mark completed tasks as closed. Once a task is marked closed, no user can track additional time to this task. Closing tasks prevents users from accidentally tracking time to tasks that are old or completed. To mark a task as closed, navigate to Projects>Projects>select appropriate project>Outline view>select appropriate task>scroll down to the bottom of the form and check the "Closed task" box.

For project managers who assign large groups to tasks, OpenAir has implemented a new, easier-to-use interface for you. The new interface enables a project manager to select multiple users to assign to a task at once. To use this new feature, an administrator must first turn it on. To do so, navigate to My Account>Company>scroll down to "Projects Options">check the "Use a scrolling picker to assign users to tasks." Then, when project managers want to use the feature, they navigate to Projects>Projects>select appropriate project>Outline view>select appropriate task>scroll down to the "Assignments" section>assign one or many users to tasks.

OpenAir has also implemented a feature that limits the ability of users to change the percent complete manually to ensure the accuracy of the percent complete metric on your companyís projects. If your company is using the estimates feature to calculate percent complete, use this new feature to ensure that percent complete is figured only using the time-to-complete data and the hours worked data captured in Timesheets. Once this feature is turned on, users can no longer alter the task percent complete in the Projects>Task list view. To turn this feature on, administrators navigate to My Accounts>Company>Settings>scroll down to the "Projects Options" section>check the "Make the percent complete drop-down read only" box.

3. Invoices: configurable mailing addresses, additional data on invoices.

OpenAir has implemented a new feature that enables companies to send invoices through their OpenAir account from multiple locations. Invoices sent by different offices can have their own "from" address. To use this feature, users with appropriate permissions navigate to Invoices>Options>select the appropriate invoice layout>scroll down to the "'From' mailing address for invoices." The user then creates as many invoice layouts with different "from" addresses as are needed to accommodate each branch office of the company. To use an invoice layout for an invoice, users with appropriate permissions navigate to Invoices>Invoices>select appropriate invoices>Edit>scroll down to "Invoice layout">select appropriate invoice layout that contains the desired "from" address.

Users who create Timebills can now create a column in the Invoices>Timebills screen that indicates which task generated the Timebill. Plus, users can now create custom fields to appear in invoices. To create a custom field for an invoice, administrators navigate to My Account>Company>Custom fields>Select the type of desired custom field from the New Entries: Create drop down>fill out the custom field form and selecting "Invoice" from the "Association" field. Then, when invoices are created, the custom field will appear with it.

4. Administrative: link Workspaces with Deal/Prospects, project filters.

Administrators can now link a Workspace with a Deal and/or a Prospect. To link a Workspace with a Deal or Prospect, navigate to Workspaces>Open>Select appropriate workspace>Links>Select "Link" in the New Entries: Create drop down>Fill out the Workspace Link form, indicating Deal or Prospect in the "Type" field.

To extend the power of OpenAirís data filtering capabilities, we have enhanced project-based filter sets to include an option that includes any project a user owns in his or her view. To configure filter sets to use this new feature, navigate to My Account>Account>Filter sets>Select appropriate filter set>Access Control>Select "Access to owned projects" from the left hand pick list.

5. Webinars: OpenAir demonstrations for current customers.

Based on the high level of interest in last monthís customer webinars, we are continuing our online seminar series. These events are designed to expose you to the breadth of OpenAir product features and functionality, so you can get as much value as possible out of your account.

The events will show you how OpenAir can be used to manage the sales pipeline and create proposals in Opportunities, create employee profiles, find and book resources, and evaluate utilization rates in Resources, manage and collaborate on projects using Projects and Workspaces, track time and expenses to projects, and set up approval processes in Timesheets, Expenses, and Purchases, handle complex project accounting and billing rules in Projects and Invoices, and manage key customizable account settings such as roles, terminology, data filters, calendar settings, and hierarchies in My Account.

The next two sessions are scheduled as follows:
Tuesday, April 25, 12-1pm EST.
Thursday, April 30, 12-1pm EST.

The purpose of these seminars is to expose you to functionality you are not currently using, rather than to train you in detail on how to use specific features. If you are interested in arranging a training session, please contact Tim Groves at 617-351-0272 or

6. New OpenAir Web site: a fresh new look.

As you have surely noticed, OpenAir has redesigned its Web site to make it more consistent with the look and feel of the application with which you have all become familiar. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the prior site.

7. Would you like to see previous OpenAir updates?

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8. Suggestions, problems, or questions?

As always, please contact us at or 888.367.1715 (outside the U.S. and Canada, call 617-351-0226). We pride ourselves on the outstanding care we give our customers. Please let us know how we improve your experience with OpenAir.