Product Update

March 11, 2006

1. Projects: Project dashboards introduced

2. Purchases: Streamlined purchasing process.

3. Reports: Usage designations.

4. Timesheets enhancements.

5. Invoices enhancements.

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OpenAir introduced job codes in August 2002. As general positions within a company, job codes serve as the basis for project pricing and billing estimates.

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This month’s job code enhancements also enable managers to understand employee utilization by job code.

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OpenAir has long enabled managers to substitute resources in project plans. Because a manager may know only the type of resource - project manager, analyst, etc.

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Many OpenAir accounts use the resources module to schedule and allocate staff to projects, predict employee utilization, and determine employee availability.

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For administrators concerned about security, OpenAir now offers a lockout mechanism to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access by guessing at login information.

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