Press Release

PSA End-User Satisfaction: Results of AberdeenGroup Survey

Earlier this year the AberdeenGroup completed what is still the most comprehensive survey of PSA users ever conducted to determine satisfaction with different solutions and the vendors that supply them. It includes vendors who were both willing to participate and able to provide a sufficient number of customers to produce meaningful data.

OpenAir is proud to have received the highest satisfaction ratings for "Overall PSA solution" as well as several other key categories including support, implementation, richness of functionality, reliability, and scalability. In fact, OpenAir was rated in the top two in 17 of 18 categories.

Satisfaction results are summarized here. [.pdf format]

The survey also found OpenAir to have the fastest implementation, lowest total cost of ownership, and an ROI of 269%, more than 2 1/2 times the vendor average.

For additional information about the report, please contact Aberdeen at 800-577-7891 or send an email to