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May 23, 2001

OpenAir Beats PeopleSoft in PSA Face-Off

Project World - Boston, MA (May 23rd, 2001) - Earlier today OpenAir defeated PeopleSoft, Account4, and Novient in the PSA Face-Off competition at Project World Boston. The contest pitted the four companies' professional services automation solutions against each other based on product functionality, ease of implementation, and integration capabilities. The specific criteria by which the solutions were judged were:

  • Is your PSA software capable of supporting a multi-project/multi-task environment?

  • What are the hardware requirements for running your PSA software?

  • Is your PSA software easy to integrate? (i.e., Does it integrate easily with Microsoft® Office 2000? An Oracle environment? DB2?)

OpenAir took home first prize ahead of PeopleSoft, with Account4 and Novient finishing third and fourth respectively.

"Our victory over PeopleSoft and the others is a tribute to our intensely focused efforts to understand the needs of professional services organizations and to develop software solutions that meet those needs," explained Morris Panner, OpenAir COO. "OpenAir is very gratified that the participants at Project World now know what all OpenAir users know - that OpenAir is simply the best enterprise PSA solution on the market today."

OpenAir recently won a spot in the coveted Top 20 Global ASP ranking, according to ASP News. This award, which was based on features and functions as well as overall revenue strength, placed OpenAir as one of the 20 Best ASP applications in the world today.

Key features in today's victory at Project World were OpenAir's ability to answer the needs of both internal and external professional services organizations, including enterprise-level profitability reporting and resource planning, project-level status reporting, exception-based reporting and Gantt charts, and task-level ease of use for ready acceptance by organizations. OpenAir also articulated its "Zero Client" philosophy. Since users access OpenAir through a Web browser without any additional client-side software, OpenAir is able to do the fastest and most cost-effective deployments in the industry today. Finally, OpenAir explained its easy integration with the Microsoft® suite of applications as well as with other general ledger and database applications.

"OpenAir lets an organization fundamentally do three things," Panner explained. "OpenAir empowers an organization, allows managers to better align incentives, and provides a manager or executive with the metrics needed to make better business decisions. In an era where companies need to drive cost savings without alienating employees, OpenAir is the answer."

Jeff Hunt
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