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August 21, 2001

OpenAir Receives ASP Prime™ Mark from IBM

IBM stress-tests OpenAir's reliability, scalability, performance, and security

Boston, MA (August 21, 2001) — OpenAir announced today that it has successfully completed IBM's ASP Prime program, extensively assessing and testing the OpenAir Complete web-native professional services automation solution. IBM provides a five-step program that includes a business and technical readiness review, benchmarking for scalability, availability, reliability, security, and performance, and a review of account registration, billing, management, application monitoring, system administration, licensing, and help desk integration.

OpenAir participated in the program to obtain data that would fine-tune its ASP offering for the enterprise customer. "Going through the rigorous testing program at the IBM porting center was extremely useful. We were able to generate accurate metrics on our applications' performance under heavy loads and further verify our ability to serve enterprises with thousands of users," explained OpenAir CTO Geoff Crawshaw.

"Receiving the ASP Prime mark was the first step of an ongoing, long-term relationship with IBM," said OpenAir CEO Morris Panner. As part of the relationship with IBM, OpenAir will appear this week in the IBM corporate booth at the XSP World & Conference Center at the Sheraton Boston Hotel. "This shoulder-to-shoulder effort is a real commitment for us," added Panner.

About OpenAir
OpenAir is the Web-native professional services automation solution that helps organizations improve operational efficiencies and gain insights into key management metrics. OpenAir customers increase profits by capturing additional billable hours, increasing employee utilization, streamlining project management, accelerating revenue, enhancing collaboration, and by sharing knowledge and best practices throughout the organization. OpenAir has helped over 55,000 professionals in over 500 companies across six continents increase profits through its subscription-based solution. For additional information, visit

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