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November 13, 2001

OpenAir Receives Highest Marks in Aberdeen Survey of PSA Users
OpenAir receives top ratings for overall solution satisfaction, scalability and several other categories, and provides an estimated ROI 2.5 times the industry average

Boston, MA (November 13, 2001) — OpenAir today announced the findings of the Aberdeen Group's comprehensive survey of companies using Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions. In the survey, available in December 2001, Aberdeen interviewed customers of nine leading PSA providers.

Based on OpenAir's outstanding customer ratings in several areas, the report concluded that, "If there was one vendor that excelled in this survey, it was OpenAir." OpenAir "had the highest customer satisfaction scores in half of the 18 solutions satisfaction categories" and consequently the highest "Overall Solution Satisfaction" score, a 9.3 on a scale of one to ten, as compared to an 8.0 for the nearest competitor.

John Kneeley, CEO of Martin Progressive, an IT strategy consulting firm that deployed OpenAir to 300 consultants across four offices, described his experience, "OpenAir offered very rapid implementation across the company and a pricing structure that minimized upfront costs, so the investment paid back almost immediately."

According to the report, OpenAir also had the fastest average deployment time, the lowest deployment cost per user, the lowest five-year total operating cost, and the best overall record for deploying on time and within budget. Despite its affordable pricing, OpenAir "proved to be one of the highest 'all around' solutions in the survey, receiving very high marks in each of the core modules." This strength translated directly into bottom line productivity gains, with surveyed customers reporting an average increase in utilization of 7.5 percentage points and an estimated ROI of 269%, 2.5 times the average of all respondents.

The report further affirmed OpenAir's ability to serve the needs of the enterprise market. OpenAir received a 9.2 of ten rating for "scalability," by far the highest of the solutions surveyed. CEO Morris Panner credits this rating to OpenAir's partnership with IBM. "These results confirm that the extensive program we undertook with IBM to partner for the enterprise market has paid off."

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