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OpenAir's Leading PSA Solution Nominated as Best Project Management Solution

BOSTON, Mass. — December 18, 2008 — OpenAir, Inc., a NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N) company and a leading provider of on-demand professional services automation (PSA) software, today announced a host of new features and functionality that have been added to all OpenAir products, including OpenAir Team Edition, OpenAir Professional Edition and OpenAir Enterprise Edition. The new features are led by Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax)-powered capabilities that significantly improve the OpenAir user interface. OpenAir's Ajax user interface moves the technology beyond personal productivity and into functional product areas such as reporting, scheduling, and administration management. Additionally, new resource management and time tracking capabilities give services-based organizations unprecedented power to improve productivity and efficiency. For more information about the new product release, please visit

"We strive to provide the best PSA system on the market, and this most recent product release delivers on that promise by extending our core PSA functionality while delivering an enhanced user experience," said Morris Panner, OpenAir CEO.

Based heavily on user feedback, the new enhancements improve OpenAir's usability and administration; new reporting, resource management, and time tracking capabilities offer customers more flexibility in customizing and streamlining navigation within their software editions.

AJAX-Powered UIStreamlines Navigation, Simplifies Workflow Access
With each release, OpenAir adds more Ajax- and dynamic HTML (DHTML)-driven components to enrich the user interface. For example, a common complaint among users of Web applications is the need to scroll endlessly down a Web page. Leveraging Ajax, OpenAir has streamlined navigation through new sub-links in dropdown menus, allowing users to expand and collapse form sections and add dynamic "smart" drop-down searches, which filter a list and display close matches based on a user typing any part of an object name. Ajax also optimizes the loading of list and form data, as well as all dynamic entry grids. By transferring data behind the scenes and updating pages without refreshing, OpenAir makes access to workflow easier than ever.

As importantly, OpenAir now consolidates all administrative functionality within a new Administration module, which streamlines navigation, improves speed and performance, and facilitates the management of both global- and module-specific settings.

"The new Admin user interface is a huge benefit for anyone tasked with administering an OpenAir account," said Jodi Cicci, President and CEO of TOP Step Consulting. "OpenAir's new Administration application has made an application that is already easy to administer even easier by consolidating all options in one location."

Reporting Delivers Real-Time Visibility to Key Operating Metrics
Through this release, OpenAir continues to enhance the flexibility of its reporting functionality. OpenAir has expanded on its calculated field capabilities by adding the ability to add, subtract, average, or concentrate any number of reporting fields. Furthermore, OpenAir now allows customers to rename and customize all built-in summary and detail fields, to reflect their businesses' standard nomenclature.

OpenAir also has introduced custom pick-list fields that populate with values from existing list data in an OpenAir account, such as users, customers, or projects. As a result, the pick list populates with current account data, eliminating the need for an administrator to actively manage the values list of the custom field.

Finally, users now can refresh OpenAir's saved reports on demand and display their results in Crystal Reports XI and In addition to scheduling reports for periodic update and publication, customers can use this automatic update functionality to effortlessly provide accurate, up-to-date data to reports that have not been scheduled to publish to Crystal Reports XI or on a periodic basis, thereby allowing clients to keep reporting data current and accessible to users around the world.

New Resource Management Features Improve Workflow Efficiency
To better serve the needs of dynamic staffing organizations, OpenAir has introduced a staffing grid to allow clients to enter multiple booking requests with varying booking durations for multiple customers in a single screen. Additionally, OpenAir has augmented the skills database used for staffing decisions to allow companies to more easily create, modify and delete specific resource's skills. Now clients can use the new worksheet view to create and update, on a single form, all attributes related to the resource's profile, such as education, skills and experience.

New Time Tracking Features for Contractors
To support the increasing number of its clients that leverage contract workers, OpenAir now provides contractor time reconciliation. Clients now can track which time entries have been paid to contractors within a convenient list view and associate each time entry with a specific invoice.

"Time tracking for contractors removes at least two steps from my contractor reimbursement process," said Cicci. "Multiple time entries can be marked as paid in one action and displayed across all timesheets on a single screen."

Additionally, OpenAir has added "smart" hierarchy filtering to timesheets to allow end users to more quickly find the right project on which to record time. Finally, OpenAir has launched a time sheet adjustment tool to allow system administrators to change previously approved and invoiced timesheets.

About OpenAir
OpenAir, Inc., a NetSuite Inc. company, is a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) services automation software. Offering both professional services automation (PSA) and project portfolio management (PPM) solutions, OpenAir provides project-based organizations and firms the tools they need to grow their businesses quickly and profitably. Providing enterprise-level functionality for businesses of all sizes, OpenAir has more than 42,000 active users at over 300 world-class firms using the software to better capture billable time, manage projects and resources and bill customers. Coupled with a team of highly experienced consultants from some of the world's leading services firms, OpenAir's services automation solutions drive higher profits through improved utilization, visibility and data collection. To learn more, please visit