Powerful Data Analysis

OpenAir knows that the greatest value it can provide to customers is insight into critical business metrics. We made this possible by developing extensive, flexible reporting capabilities within OpenAir, integrating OLAP tools, and making it easy for end-users to enter the relevant data into, or extract data out of, the system.

Comprehensive reporting tools

OpenAir has extremely flexible reporting capability so you can get instant access to virtually any key piece of data from within the application. Our professional services staff can help you set up reports that answer your company's specific needs.

OLAP Implementation

OpenAir supplements its own reporting by integrating with all major online analytical processing (OLAP) tools. These tools enable executives to create customized multi-dimensional data views, drill down into data to isolate key trends, and present data in compelling graphical formats.

Easy data entry

Since analytical tools are valuable only if the relevant data is available in the system, OpenAir makes it extremely easy and convenient to enter data. We offer intuitive interfaces for the Web, an offline PC, a PDA and a WAP-enabled telephone.
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