Unrivaled Security

OpenAir understands how critical the security and integrity of your business information are to you, so we go to extreme lengths to keep your data safe and private.
For customers choosing our ASP model, we protect, store and back up your data at Savvis., Savvis is a professionally managed data center used by many of the most security conscious companies on the Web. To give you complete peace of mind, however, you can also download your data at any time, or have us periodically deliver your data to you in a password-protected WinZIP file through our Automatic Backup Service.
Among the ways we ensure security when you choose our ASP model are the following:

Network security

You can protect all data flows between your site and OpenAir with state-of-the-art 128-bit SSL encryption. Every user must be authenticated with a Company ID, User ID, and Password to gain access to the site. To authorize and certify access, we use Verisign, an advanced security solution designed to provide secure communications and transactions over the Internet and private networks.

Access security

All OpenAir Web servers, application servers, data storage servers, and load balancers are protected by multiple firewalls. We also conduct ongoing intrusion detection and vulnerability scanning analyses.

Data security

Your business information is stored on a Xiotech RAID 10 system. We use ArrowPoint load-balancing technology and redundant bandwidth to ensure that your data is always available. Hardware is equipped with redundant drives and power supplies, and we maintain backup hardware and parts on site. We also conduct multiple daily tape backups.

Physical security

Our system is located in a secure, restricted enclosure within a modern facility, and is guarded 24 x 7 by certified security professionals employing state-of-the-art identification and video monitoring equipment. We ensure redundant power supply through reliance on multiple power grids, USPs, and diesel generators. The facility is also protected with advanced fire and seismic protection.
If you would prefer to host the software and data yourself, you can do so through the OpenAir Onsite deployment option.
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