The Professional Services Automation Solution

Resource Management Software

OpenAir resource management software enables the best possible staffing to deliver high-quality, high-margin projects every time! Optimally leverage employee capabilities by providing up-to-date, easily searchable profiles of employees' skills, experiences, work preferences, and availability, and promptly access this information whenever it is needed.

Increase employee utilization

With this easily utilized resource planning and management software solution, managers can instantly view utilization by company, project and resource to identify and address any issues quickly and exploit all potential opportunities. The result is contained costs and significantly increased profits.

Enhance client satisfaction

With OpenAir resource management software, project managers can assemble more qualified project teams by searching the skills and experience database for desired qualifications.

Improve employee morale

OpenAir resource management software makes it easy for employees to communicate their preferences on work type, location and career development goals, so project managers can more quickly and easily match employees with their preferred projects, as well as identify critical training and development needs.

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