OpenAir Professional Services Consulting

Our consultants work with your organization to understand your business requirements and workflow, so we can set up your PSA/SRP system to best meet your company's needs.

Fast deployment.

OpenAir's project workflow implementation is the most efficient around. A typical project is completed within a matter of weeks, compared to months for a conventional system, because there is no hardware or software to install. OpenAir is built with a sophisticated "switching" architecture that enables custom configuration without custom coding. We have developed a powerful set of XML-based data exchange tools, so OpenAir integrates easily with your existing systems, and your account is quickly populated with current data.

Deep experience.

Our team of consultants have years of experience in project-based organizations, so they can quickly grasp your business challenges and develop solutions to meet them. OpenAir has a flawless track record of delivering our implementations on time and within budget. Even better, you can be assured that if you roll out OpenAir to new areas of your business, you won't have to change infrastructure or disrupt existing users.
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