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The OpenAir Solution
The OpenAir Solution
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OpenAir automates key business operations for
increased effectiveness, improved business analytics

OpenAir automates key business functions and provides instant visibility into critical financial and operational metrics, making your enterprise more efficient and more effective. The integrated OpenAir solution streamlines the entire business cycle, from developing new business, to staffing, managing, and executing projects, through financial analysis and client billing.

Business development, Resource management, Project management, Knowledge management, Project accounting.

Business development

Win more business. Convert more prospects into clients by effectively managing the prospect pipeline and delivering accurate, compelling, timely proposals.

Manage more deals in less time
Enter leads and prospect information, create and delegate to dos and reminders, and monitor deals in one shared application, Opportunities. Sales managers have immediate access to real-time sales data.

Bid on more projects
Better pipeline management means more opportunities to bid. Take advantage of this by creating and sending proposals to the best prospects more quickly. Using Proposals, draw from templates to quickly create, view, edit, and route proposals for approval. Attach any supporting materials and deliver them to clients electronically.
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Estimate profitability and generate forecasts
Create revenue and cost estimates for engagements, and use "what if" planning scenarios to optimize price, margin, billing rates, and staffing. View pipeline reports to gain visibility into future enterprise revenue and profit.
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Focus on key deals
Real-time pipeline information and a detailed understanding of each project's expected profitability help the sales team focus on the highest-probability, highest-margin deals.

Resource management

Optimally leverage employee capabilities. By providing up-to-date, easily searchable profiles of employees' skills, experiences, work preferences, and availability, Resources enables the best possible staffing to deliver high-quality, high-margin projects.

Increase employee utilization
Managers can instantly view utilization by company, project, and resource to identify and address issues quickly and exploit opportunities. This helps contain costs and boost profits.
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Enhance client satisfaction
Project managers can assemble more qualified project teams by searching the skills and experience database for desired qualifications. By integrating with the sales pipeline in Opportunities, this process can begin before a deal is even closed.

Improve employee morale
Employees can communicate preferences on work type, location, and career development goals, so managers can more easily match employees with their preferred projects and identify training and development needs.
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Project management

Collaborate on projects for on-time, on-budget delivery. Real-time collaboration in Projects lets teams maintain current and accurate project status, so managers can proactively identify and resolve issues that threaten the success of an engagement.

Deliver projects on time and within budget
Team members can update project status from any computer with a browser and Web connection, so the project plan provides an accurate snapshot at any given moment. Managers can view project status through Gantt charts or use task completion reports to identify and drill down to tasks that might be at risk. The result is an improved project completion record, more satisfied clients, and reduced non-billable work.
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Increase client involvement
Deepen your relationship with clients by giving them access to project status reports. Gantt charts, exceptions reports, and project status summaries give clients information they need to remain involved and comfortable with project progress.

Use with Microsoft® Project
A simple wizard lets project managers exchange plans between OpenAir and Microsoft® Project, retaining all dependencies, task assignments, and other relevant data. This enables project teams to collaborate online, track time to specific projects and tasks, and integrate project planning with resource allocation.

Knowledge management

Leverage your organization's knowledge base and best practices by sharing information and by collaborating across dispersed teams of employees, clients, and partners using Workspaces.

Collaborate on documents
Automatically track and control document revisions and versions, so teams can collaborate on all written work products.
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Share ideas
Using OpenAir's secure message boards, threaded discussions, and other real-time collaboration tools, anyone involved in a project can gain instant access to expertise and ideas from the rest of the team or elsewhere in the organization.

Reuse company knowledge
OpenAir's comprehensive document management system enables employees to find and reuse corporate knowledge, preserving high margins.

Ensure service quality
By incorporating the best practices found throughout the organization into each new project, your company can promulgate and maintain the highest standards across all project teams.

Project accounting

Manage and analyze project finances, from bid preparation through time and expense tracking to client billing or internal charge-backs. OpenAir provides powerful tools to perform these processes across multiple offices and mobile employees.

Track time and expenses easily
Capture time and expenses through any computer, PDA, or WAP-enabled phone. Timesheets and expense reports can be routed electronically for line, multi-level or project-based approvals.

Manage client billing
OpenAir offers extreme flexibility in managing client billing, handling fixed fee or time and materials billing, with or without time and expense markups. Automatically generate invoices, then bill clients electronically, print and mail invoices, or export billing data to a financial system.

Recognize revenue
Account for revenue more accurately by establishing project-based rules for revenue recognition. Accelerate revenue by recognizing it sooner and billing for partially completed projects.
View Revenue Recognition Report

Analyze project profitability
OpenAir reports let you do in-depth analyses of project profitability, based on fully-loaded costs. You can establish revenue recognition and cost recognition rules and incorporate project-based purchase order functionality to draw an accurate real-time picture of actual and projected profitability.
View Project Profitability Report

Integrate with payroll
OpenAir integrates with popular payroll systems, so time and expense data can be automatically routed into payroll.

Manage international projects
OpenAir handles multiple currencies and taxes such as VAT, GST, and PST.

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Overbudget/ Late Tasks Report

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