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The OpenAir Solution
The OpenAir Solution
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OpenAir addresses the needs of multiple constituencies within service firms and internal service organizations

OpenAir has gone to great lengths to understand the challenges faced by service organizations, whether their clients are outside or within the organization. The OpenAir solution meets the needs of various groups in these organizations:

Professional Services, Finance, Sales/Marketing, IT Management.

Professional Services

If you are running a professional services or consulting group, OpenAir provides instant access to the information you need to better manage all the key aspects of your job.

Optimize resource utilization
OpenAir gives you all the requisite tools to assess planned and actual utilization rates so you can make sure your resources are neither underutilized nor overbooked. An independent Aberdeen study found that on average OpenAir customers increased utilization rates by 7.5 percentage points.
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Estimate and track engagement financials
Maximize profitability and manage engagements more efficiently by estimating revenue, cost, staffing, and billing rates. Then use estimates to track engagement profitability, schedule, invoicing, and revenue recognition.
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Increase project profitability
With OpenAir you have immediate access to precise project cost accounting, so you can know which contracts to renegotiate and determine which types of business to pursue.
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Insight into upcoming staffing needs
By knowing what projects are in the sales pipeline, you are able to plan your staffing requirements to make sure that the appropriate resources are available.
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Build the most effective project teams possible
By conducting instant searches of available resources, based on skills, experience, preferences, and availability, you can quickly assemble the ideal project team.
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Deliver projects on time and on budget
The OpenAir Projects application lets your project managers track real-time project status, and identify and resolve issues before they delay schedules.
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Work smarter with knowledge sharing and collaboration
By storing critical company documents in a searchable repository and by having an online forum for idea sharing and collaboration, OpenAir lets you fully leverage your intellectual capital.

Evaluate performance
With OpenAir you have immediate access to key employee evaluation metrics, such as individuals' online profiles, utilization rates, total hours billed, average billing rate, and task completion record.

Simplify administration
Remove the pain of such administrative tasks as tracking down time and expense reports. The OpenAir system makes it simple to enter time and expenses through any computer, PDA, or WAP-enabled phone.
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OpenAir gives you immediate insight into the critical financial metrics you need to analyze your business more effectively.

Revenue forecasting
OpenAir lets you do accurate revenue forecasting based on current projects and on the sales pipeline.
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Profitability forecasting
Since you know the expected project profitability based on project plans and budgets, you can easily predict profits as well as revenue.
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Bill hours sooner
OpenAir lets employees enter billable hours and expenses through any computer or PDA, and gives managers easy tools for following up on late timesheets and expense reports. As a result, billable data is captured faster and invoiced sooner.
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Gain tighter control over travel expenses
Reports on travel and expense data let you enforce controls easily and negotiate better deals with vendors.
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Recognize revenue at the appropriate time
OpenAir reporting makes it easy to recognize revenue from partially-completed projects in a way that is consistent with your accounting conventions.
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Continue to use your current accounting systems
OpenAir integrates easily with your existing accounting package, so you can implement OpenAir without disrupting current systems.

Try OpenAir with minimal financial risk
Since OpenAir is priced at a low per-user monthly fee, you do not need to incur upfront software costs or heavy installation fees, so the return on investment is almost immediate. An independent AberdeenGroup study found OpenAir customers to enjoy and average ROI of 269%.

Scale your IT costs with your organization
The OpenAir system and pricing model both scale with your organization. There is no need to pay now for a system to accommodate anticipated future growth. And if your organization shrinks, so do your IT costs.

Sales and Marketing

Manage the pipeline
The OpenAir Opportunities application lets you help your sales team manage the pipeline more efficiently. You can assign ToDos, run reports, and issue contact reminders to keep them focused on the highest-margin deals with the best chance of closing.
View Deal Pipeline Report

Generate accurate estimates and proposals
Proposals lets you collaborate with colleagues to quickly create accurate project proposals, route them for approval, and deliver them to clients, so you win more profitable business.
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Engage the project team in the sales process
By integrating opportunity management with resources planning, you can work with professional services to staff the project team and have them help close deals.

Forecast staffing needs
By knowing the likelihood that projects will close, you can work with professional services to be sure that they are staffed.
View Booked Utilization Report

IT Management

Enterprise systems that scale with your business
The OpenAir technology platform is completely scalable, so your systems grow as the company grows, without having to install new software or hardware.

Low risk to deploy
OpenAir requires minimal upfront investment in IT resources and dollars, since it is pre-deployed and priced on a per-user monthly fee.

Integrate with current systems
The extensively documented OpenAir XML API makes it easy to do real-time integrations with other systems, or you can easily do batch data exchange.

Spend less time managing systems
OpenAir manages all the hardware and software upgrades, freeing up the IT department to focus on more strategic tasks.

Spend more time on strategic activities
As the OpenAir administrator, you will spend more time performing key strategic tasks, such as creating custom reports and analyzing data.

Screen Shots

Realization Report

Estimate Report

Financial Analysis Report

Deal Pipeline Report

Skill Search Report

Overbudget/ Late Tasks Report

Task Assignments vs. Bookings Report

Timesheet Screen

Monthly Departments Report

Revenue Recognition Report

Booked Utilization Report

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