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The OpenAir Solution
The OpenAir Solution
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Why Choose OpenAir
Among PSA vendors OpenAir offers the most compelling combination of product, support and value

OpenAir distinguishes itself from other companies that offer professional services automation solutions in several ways. Simply stated, OpenAir offers the best product and support at the most compelling price point.

This combination of attributes has earned OpenAir numerous accolades from industry analysts including an "Excellent" overall rating from Spex, and the highest "Overall Solution Satisfaction" rating in the AberdeenGroup's comprehensive survey [.pdf format] of nine PSA vendors' customers. In fact, OpenAir was rated first or second in 17 of the 18 satisfaction categories.

Best value, Intense customer focus, Fastest implementation, Powerful data analysis, Seamless integration, Unrivaled security, Complete privacy.

Best value

The OpenAir Complete professional services automation solution can be "rented" for a low monthly per user fee, so it requires no upfront software purchase and carries an extremely low total cost of ownership.

An AberdeenGroup study of nine leading PSA vendors found OpenAir to have the lowest deployment cost per user, the lowest five-year operating cost, and an ROI of 269%, over 2.5 times the industry average.

OpenAir takes advantage of technologies that let us offer the most competitive price available. Our approach is discussed in our White Paper, "Gaining the Benefits of Professional Services Automation with the Fastest ROI."

For pricing specific to your company contact an OpenAir sales consultant. Call 888-367-1715, email or complete an online form and a representative will contact you.

Intense customer focus

OpenAir was built to take advantage of the Web as a way to have an ongoing, meaningful dialogue with customers. We place enormous value on customer feedback, and we go to great lengths to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our customer orientation earned us the highest marks for customer service in the AberdeenGroup's survey of PSA vendors.

Support staff
We have an extremely talented support staff as your first point of telephone contact, but every OpenAir employee makes customer support the first priority.

Customer feedback drives our product
We introduce customer-requested features into the product several times a month and release major new functionality every month or two.

Fastest implementation

OpenAir delivers the absolute fastest and easiest implementation of any professional services automation solution, as verified by the AberdeenGroup survey.

Fastest deployment
Since OpenAir is pre-deployed, we can implement it throughout an organization in weeks. This is true for the pure ASP option, where we host the software for you, and for OpenAir Onsite, where we install a server at your site.

Easy configuration
OpenAir is built using a sophisticated "switching" system that allows for significant customization of the application without requiring any custom code.

Professional services focus on your business needs
Our professional services team consults with you to understand your business needs and configuring the system to best meet your needs.

Minimal training
OpenAir minimizes training requirements by making the software intuitive, by using consistent interface metaphors throughout the product, and by enabling each user to have access only to the functionality he or she needs.

Zero ongoing maintenance
Since there is no client software and we handle upgrades remotely, everyone in the company always uses the most current software version without the IT department having to manage upgrades.

Powerful data analysis

OpenAir knows that the greatest value it can provide to customers is insight into critical business metrics. We made this possible by developing extensive, flexible reporting capabilities within OpenAir, integrating OLAP tools, and making it easy for end-users to enter the relevant data into, or extract data out of, the system.

Comprehensive reporting tools
OpenAir has extremely flexible reporting capability so you can get instant access to virtually any key piece of data from within the application. Our professional services staff can help you set up reports that answer your company's specific needs.

OLAP Integration
OpenAir supplements its own reporting by integrating with all major online analytical processing (OLAP) tools. These tools enable executives to create customized multi-dimensional data views, drill down into data to isolate key trends, and present data in compelling graphical formats.

Easy data entry
Since analytical tools are valuable only if the relevant data is available in the system, OpenAir makes it extremely easy and convenient to enter data. We offer intuitive interfaces for the Web, an offline PC, a PDA and a WAP-enabled telephone.

Seamless integration

OpenAir understands how important it is for your data to flow from a single point of entry throughout all of your current business systems. To meet this need, OpenAir uses and XML API to facilitate easy and tight data integration with front and back office systems.

Front-office systems
OpenAir integrates with Microsoft® applications including Excel®, Word®, Project®, Outlook®, with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, sales force automation (SFA), and human resources systems.

Back-office systems
OpenAir integrates seamlessly with a variety of financial applications, including accounting packages from Great Plains®, SAGE Epicor®, ACCPAC®, SBT®, Peachtree®, Quickbooks Pro®, and Intacct, as well as with proprietary accounting systems. It also integrates with such ERP systems as Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and SAP.

Computing devices
OpenAir also integrates with several wireless and disconnected devices, including OpenAir for the Palm Computing® Platform, OpenAir Wireless for WAP phones, OpenAir OffLine for the Windows® operating system, and OpenAir for the Pocket PC.

Unrivaled security

OpenAir understands how critical the security and integrity of your business information are to you, so we go to extreme lengths to keep your data safe and private.

If you use our ASP model, we protect, store and back up your data at Savvis., Savvis is a professionally managed data center used by many of the most security conscious companies on the Web. To give you complete peace of mind, however, you can also download your data at any time, or have us periodically deliver your data to you in a password-protected WinZIP file through our Automatic Backup Service.

As an alternative to our ASP model, we also give you the option of storing the software and data yourself through the OpenAir Onsite deployment option.

Under no circumstances will we make your account information available to any third party.

Among the ways we ensure security when you choose our ASP model are the following:

Network security
You can protect all data flows between your site and OpenAir with state-of-the-art 128-bit SSL encryption.

Every user must be authenticated with a Company ID, User ID, and Password to gain access to the site. To authorize and certify access, we use Verisign, an advanced security solution designed to provide secure communications and transactions over the Internet and private networks.

Access security
All OpenAir Web servers, application servers, data storage servers, and load balancers are protected by multiple firewalls. We also conduct ongoing intrusion detection and vulnerability scanning analyses.

Data security
Your business information is stored on a Xiotech RAID 10 system. We use ArrowPoint load-balancing technology and redundant bandwidth to ensure that your data is always available. Hardware is equipped with redundant drives and power supplies, and we maintain backup hardware and parts on site. We also conduct multiple daily tape backups. You can also download your data at any time, or have us periodically deliver your data to you in a password-protected WinZIP file through our Automatic Backup Service.

Physical security
Our system is located in a secure, restricted enclosure within a modern facility, and is guarded 24 x 7 by certified security professionals employing state-of-the-art identification and video monitoring equipment.

We ensure redundant power supply through reliance on multiple power grids, USPs, and diesel generators. The facility is also protected with advanced fire and seismic protection.

OpenAir Onsite deployment option
If you would prefer to host the software and data yourself, you can do so through the OpenAir Onsite deployment option.

Security white paper [.pdf format]

Complete privacy

Under no circumstances will we make your account information available to any third party. We adhere to the strictest standards of privacy. For more about our commitment to your privacy, click "Privacy Statement".

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