Our Platform

Our Platform is a comprehensive offering of configurability, cloud development tools and infrastructure that enables customers and software developers to maximize the benefits of cloud computing. OpenAir is architected as a multi-tenant cloud platform that provides the core infrastructure, including support, for industrial-strength standards of high availability, disaster recovery and security as well as an integrated scripting capability and a set of APIs to build and connect applications to the platform.

Architected in the cloud since its inception, NetSuite OpenAir is a pioneer in capacity and capability that leave other solutions playing catch up. Our Platform makes it possible to start small and scale up to your most ambitious growth plans. It allows your solution to change and evolve as quickly as you do – to wrap around your business process and truly reflect what makes your organization different – by providing the tools to optimize your system and increase compliance in ways never before imagined. And it makes it possible to connect to other enterprise systems quickly and easily.

Industry-Leading Configuration Capability

More than any other solutions on the market, OpenAir provides easy to use, point-and-click core application configuration capabilities that minimize the need for application development and heavily reduce deployment time. You have the control to create, add and edit custom fields and structures at any time. Our forms can be configured to match the specific functionality that your business, your teams and you require to support your unique business processes. By allowing you to build intelligence into these forms, you minimize confusion and human error, drastically improve your teams experience and ensure data integrity throughout your enterprise. Our configuration capability is developed through direct feedback from millions of user hours and we continue to invest in significant new capabilities with each new release. We are proud to lead the market in features and capability and are committed to maintain that leadership through investment and innovation in our core products.

Scripting Platform

NetSuite OpenAir's proven, secure, reliable and scalable Scripting Platform delivers the customization and extensibility you need to make OpenAir your business management platform of choice for your current and future needs. Based on Javascript and SOAP API, OpenAir’s scripting tools provide a comprehensive cloud customization environment for sophisticated coding and debugging, whether you're using the standard functionality or extending OpenAir to fit your specific business need. Our Platform tools include workflow management, scripting, automation, analytics, web services and more. Best of all, customizations automatically migrate with every upgrade, enabling you to customize with confidence. OpenAir’s powerful Scripting Studio allows for in-browser design and creation that is purposefully built for the OpenAir environment and layers seamlessly on top of our cloud infrastructure. Perform, write, test, deploy, bundle and install directly from the browser.

OpenAir Scripting Studio

UserScripting allows developers and administrators to create flexible business logic within OpenAir tailored to specific business needs - from simple field validations to sophisticated business processes.

Built on industry-standard JavaScript which ensures portability and rapid developer productivity, UserScripting enables form and web service based scripting methods to produce customer-specific business logic and workflows (DOM, file system and socket access is currently prohibited). UserScripting is compliant with ECMAScript 5, and no matter what scripts you create within OpenAir, they migrate automatically with each OpenAir upgrade. You can even bundle scripts, libraries and parameters into pre-built solutions to move from your sandbox creations into production seamlessly.

Key Benefits

  • Standards-based scripting language speeds developer productivity
  • Flexibility to customize OpenAir to meet ongoing industry and business needs
  • Built-in debugging capabilities enable robust application development
  • Multiple scripting models include form-based and scheduled deployments

Key Features

  • Form scripts allow workflows to be triggered on different events like Create, Edit, Submit, Approve and Reject.
  • Scheduled scripts can be run as frequently as every 5 minutes to process bulk changes or non-form-based actions.
  • Library scripts make writing reusable code easy, allowing you to call on one or more libraries across many script deployments.
  • Parameters allow scripts to call on global custom field values set and managed by account administrators.
  • Solutions allow clients to bundle scripts, libraries and parameters into portable archives, making it easy to test code on sandbox and one-click deploy on production.
  • Scripting Studio allows for simple code deployment workflows (Test, Deploy, Revise, Delete), complete code revision history, schema browser navigation, and script log management.
  • In-browser code editor supports syntax highlighting, auto-completion and basic error checking (based on ECMAScript 5).