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What is NetSuite OpenAir Project Management?

NetSuite OpenAir project management lets you improve on-time delivery and profitability metrics by making it easy to manage, update, and report on project status from anywhere, at any time. Managers gain clear, real-time visibility into project dynamics to quickly identify and resolve potential issues and the ability to model “what if” scenarios to optimize pricing, billing rates, staffing, and overall project profitability. The result is a significantly improved project completion record, more satisfied clients, and minimal non-billable work.

Make Project Planning Easy

Easily plan projects, stay organized, collaborate with team members and clients, and keep efforts on track and within budget. Managers can monitor all relevant project metrics and standardize project delivery with interactive Gantt charts, project templates, exception reports, and project status summaries to ensure consistency.

NetSuite OpenAir has enabled our Professional Services division to continue to grow with the business.

Susan Cry
VP Professional Services, Kronos Incorporated

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NetSuite OpenAir Project Management Benefits

  • Improved Client Involvement. Deepen your client relationships by providing access to detailed project status reports.
  • Better Oversight. Manage all project activities in one centralized system with project plan controls, project costing rules, and issue tracking.
  • Reduced Administrative Work. Project managers can actively take on more project work thanks to improved collaboration tools and simplified billing.

NetSuite OpenAir Project Management Features

NetSuite OpenAir project management helps deliver projects on time and within budget. Collaboration tools and real-time visibility increase resource utilization and maximize profitability.

Project Setup

Increase efficiency by automatically creating new projects from billed sales orders. Use templates to standardize delivery, and maintain consistency via preconfigured project plans, budgets, approval workflows, and billing and revenue recognition rules. Easily assign project managers and consultants to the appropriate tasks, and stop spending nonbillable time on setup. Pave the way for on-time and on-budget delivery — and avoid scope creep on fixed projects — by setting up task placeholders with time budgeted by assigned team member.

Project Setup dashboard

Project Center

Project managers can set up project task lists or work breakdown structures using Gantt charts or task-view project plans. Automated alerts for key milestones and task completion improve communication. Each team member can customize column list views and set favorites to quickly see relevant project details. NetSuite OpenAir improves manager productivity as well, updating project plans and warning of potential schedule and resource availability problems from a single screen. Plan projects, tasks, phases, and milestones and edit projects without moving between screens with drag-and-drop, copy, paste, and other familiar edit capabilities.

Project Center dashboard


Organize calls, events, documents, and tasks and associate them with specific projects for easy reference. Create project workspaces so team members can easily share status notes, group messages, and open discussion threads. Project managers can publish a project status newsfeed, giving executive sponsors a snapshot of the latest updates. Connect to NetSuite CRM so all client information is centrally managed, and sales and customer service teams are aware of project activities.

Collaboration dashboard

Project Status Reports

Empower everybody in the organization, from executives and practice managers to project managers and consultants, to easily view the entire project portfolio based on project stage, percent complete, finish date, project name, and client. Dive into individual project status reports to view key information such as client and project details, profitability, budget, planned vs. actual hours, and bookings. Keep customers up to date with client-facing summaries that omit sensitive information.

Project Status Reports dashboard

Project Dashboard

Dashboards give project managers visual and graphical insight into the status of specific projects and enable them to visually compare key information. Gain complete visibility into the entire project plan, from calendar views to important KPIs and reminders. As notifications come in, immediately drill down to identify the root causes of issues. The dashboard automatically updates as project information is entered, providing an up-to-date view of key initiatives.

Project Dashboard dashboard

Tracking and Forecasting

Create and track revenue and cost budgets to predict margins, and measure those estimates against actual transactions. Track progress and monitor the costs associated with each project to keep on top of financial performance — and adjust as needed to stay on time and on budget.

Tracking and Forecasting dashboard

Challenges NetSuite OpenAir Project Management Solves

  • Poor Project Status Visibility. Easily access up-to-date KPIs and customer data in project delivery dashboards, reports, and Gantt charts. Get proactive notifications to manage risks, issues, and assumptions.
  • Manual Setup. Automated and preset templates get projects up and running fast and allow for standardization of activities.
  • Inefficient Tracking. Organize calls, activities, tasks, and events and link them to specific projects. View all projects and status reports based on precent complete, finish date, project name, and client.
  • Unreliable Budgeting. Automated job forecasting and progress reporting capabilities enable managers to review project profitability based on actuals. Use “what-if” budgeting to gain full, real-time visibility into all scenarios.
  • Irregular Resource Assignments. Accurately apply time and expenses to projects in real time with set processes to decrease administrative workloads and revenue leakage.

How Much Does NetSuite OpenAir Project Management Cost?

Companies of every size have made the move to NetSuite OpenAir. Looking for a better way to run your projects but wondering about the cost?

Users subscribe to NetSuite OpenAir for an annual license fee. Your license is made up of two main components: core platform and number of users. There is also a one-time implementation fee for initial setup.

Project management capabilities are included with the NetSuite OpenAir module.

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