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OpenAir Enhancements

April 15, 2017

Find everything you need to know about any resource all in one consolidated resource profile. Get control over your resources' skills and delegate the responsibility of keeping their profiles up-to-date. Add descriptions to skill levels to help your resource managers assign the right level to each resource. Specify hierarchy levels for skills to search for users with a minimum level of skill or better. Save your Resource Compare View results in a variety of file formats. Use a new role permission to change booking types on finalized Resource Requests. Load up to 2,000 bookings at a time in Advanced Booking Worksheet. Customize which Booking Worksheet columns appear and in what order they appear. Require users to input a job code when creating bookings in the Dynamic or Advanced Booking Worksheets.

Projects and Invoices
Add, update, and display project status messages to keep project stakeholders informed. Easily create copies of billing and revenue recognition rules. Break the task worksheet into separate pages to increase performance and make large amounts of information more manageable. Display the charge cost center field in your lists of charges and the invoice list view.

Create complex and customized notifications for events throughout OpenAir. Open Project Budgets from Project QuickViews throughout OpenAir. Find the help you need from the Help link in the User Center. Guides are now presented in a cleaner, more readable style. Download issue attachments without having to open each issue, and use bulk actions to download all attachments quickly and easily. Column header filters and advanced filters have been expanded and are now available in Workspaces. Download Workspace attachments at the click of a button with the Download Attachments icon. Set the standard field order for Project Tasks and Expense Reports/Envelopes. Directly download the latest XSD schema files without contacting NetSuite OpenAir Support.

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