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Important Service Announcement

Your OpenAir account will be upgraded to the OpenAir April 2018 Release on Saturday, April 14, 2018 beginning at 6:00 AM ET. We anticipate the upgrade process taking approximately 6-10 hours. During this time, your account will be unavailable. OpenAir sandbox accounts will be upgraded to the OpenAir April 2018 Release on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 beginning at 8:00 PM ET. Sandbox accounts to be unavailable for 4-8 hours during the upgrade process. Please contact OpenAir Customer Support if you have any questions.

OpenAir Enhancements

October 14, 2017

Get the most out of your OpenAir reports and Business Intelligence tools with OData. Recover files to a selected workspace, their original location, or your PC after they have been deleted. See which optional features your account has and doesn’t have enabled, and access feature descriptions. Quickly access the list of User Guides in PDF form from the OpenAir Help Center. Link billing rules to revenue recognition rules.

Projects and Invoices
See what impact your planning has on the final project price. Make your news feed even more useful with Uniform Resource Identifier links. The Project Status Summary has had several user interface and performance improvements made. The Task filter is now available on all Summary and Crosstab reports where “Task name subtotal” can be used. You can now select and use any type of Charge values in Time Entry detail reports. The Proxy Expiration field has been added for use in the “Proxies” detail report.

Use the Consolidated Resource Profile to store, access, and manage your resources’ latest résumé or Curriculum Vitae. Quickly find the right candidate for the job with Advanced Resource Search. Show only selected skill categories and quickly add new skills to your resource profiles. Interface changes to improve the Consolidated Resource Profile experience. De-clutter your Resource Compare View by hiding inactive resources. Filter by tag groups and custom fields, including checkboxes, radio buttons, and drop-down lists, in Advanced Booking Worksheet.

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