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NetSuite OpenAir Enhancements

October 15, 2016

Produce an easy-to-read project status page summarizing important project progress data. Find all of your projects' agreements or customer purchase orders in one place on the new Budget Agreements Panel. Add or edit contact information while working in your project's properties. Give selected users the power to un-approve budgets. Budget more accurately by excluding non-billable tasks from your billing plans. Create more specific billing rules by filtering billings by employee custom fields.

Use the new Resource Compare View to compare resources at a glance and better manage large pools of resources. A wealth of new RDR features help you find the right resources. See your resources' roles in resource list views at a glance. Use a more streamlined, detailed, and visually-appealing worksheet to create and manage your bookings. Easily edit your bookings in Booking Planner.

Approve, un-approve, and reject timesheets, expense reports, and invoices with the SOAP and XML APIs or via scripting. Customize form layouts and apply them by role. Create Automatic Backup Service (ABS) MySQL import files with a default UTF-8 character set. Create ABS MySQL import files with relationships between tables.

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