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Due to security enhancements, we may require you to enter your User ID and Password in two separate steps.

  1. On the Sign In screen, type your Company and User ID, and click on the Next button.

  2. The Password field will appear, or you will be redirected to a new login form. Complete the form and click on the Sign In button to proceed.

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OpenAir Enhancements

April 18, 2020

In the Redesigned User Experience, calculated column widths provide an optimum fit between content and available canvas space, contextual tips are available at the list, column or cell level, the list view toolbar includes a redesigned list data download panel and new clear advanced or all list filters options, and the project status tag is available as a list view column.

OpenAir now supports the industry standard OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol for API integrations. Administrators can register and manage API integrations leveraging OAuth 2.0 in the Administration module. You can download real world use case scripting examples from the new Platform Solutions page in the OpenAir Help Center. OpenAir Business Intelligence Connector can access the most up-to-date data through published list views and OpenAir User Scripting can use the list view data in form and scheduled scripts.

NetSuite Connector
Let your users see the last NetSuite integration error and resolve common issues preventing the export of Expense reports, Invoices or Timesheets to NetSuite. Select an active administrator as the designated integration user for all your integration runs. Use multiple threads for the main integration, export Revenue Recognition transactions to NetSuite in batches and import only new and updated hierarchies from NetSuite to speed up the OpenAir NetSuite integration.

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