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When do I enter my password?

Due to security enhancements, we may require you to enter your User ID and Password in two separate steps.

  1. On the Sign In screen, type your Company and User ID, and click on the Next button.

  2. The Password field will appear, or you will be redirected to a new login form. Complete the form and click on the Sign In button to proceed.

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OpenAir Enhancements

October 10, 2020

The redesigned OpenAir user experience covers additional list views and record headers, introduces overview screens and tab navigation for global settings in the administration module, and shows multi-currency monetary totals on list views. A new tag custom field can be used to draw attention to important information on forms, list views and reports. The job code and contact entity forms now support custom field order, and the help center makes it easier to view and copy scripting examples.

The project center outline view now doubles as a booking worksheet, adding not only the ability to add bookings to your project and tasks, but also a clearer project outline with relationship lines, default columns, support for the built-in notes field, and loading “on demand”. The incurred vs. forecast revenue recognition rule now supports historical hourly costs for forecast calculation.

NetSuite Connector
The OpenAir NetSuite Connector is easier to maintain with the ability to run and schedule the integration by workflows and the assurance that workflows selected for scheduled or real-time integrations are protected against unintended changes. An optimized link between OpenAir and NetSuite doubles the speed of your integration. The OpenAir NetSuite Connector also adds support for the latest features exposed through the NetSuite 2020.1 communication endpoint, the ability to check the OpenAir NetSuite Connector configuration to take full advantage of recommended features, performance gains for the customer workflow using monitored fields, and the ability to filter the list of integration runs on the NetSuite Connector status screen.

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