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Important Service Announcement

Your OpenAir account will be upgraded to the OpenAir October 2019 Release on Saturday, October 12, 2019 beginning at 6:00 AM ET. We anticipate the upgrade process taking approximately 6-10 hours. During this time, your account will be unavailable.
OpenAir sandbox accounts will be upgraded to the OpenAir October 2019 Release on Saturday, September 21, 2019 beginning at 6:00 AM ET. Sandbox accounts to be unavailable for 4-8 hours during the upgrade process.
Please contact OpenAir Customer Support if you have any questions.

OpenAir Enhancements

April 13, 2019

Users who can access other resources résumés or CVs are now able to download the latest version directly from the resource QuickView, the resources list view or any other list view containing information about resources. Users with the Modify Advanced Resource Search options role permission can customize the Advanced Resource Search form to show or hide any of the general search parameters. The refresh button and legend have moved to the toolbar in the resource booking planner, giving more space for data on the screen. The advanced booking worksheet now includes column and row totals showing total number of hours or percentages across all visible resources and all visible time periods. Resource utilization subtotals are visible for both the filtered set and all resource bookings when filters are applied in the advanced booking worksheet. The advanced booking worksheet uses the first day of the week set in the user demographics when the booking period is set to weekly or bi-weekly. A tooltip shows editing restrictions for skills that are still awaiting approval in the Consolidated Resource Profile.

Where tax applies on any of the listed costs, users can choose to show the actuals either or both including or excluding tax in the Project Budget Actuals. Support added for reading, adding, modifying, upserting, and deleting news feed entries using XML API, SOAP API or Scripting. A new inline editing feature enables you to edit project tasks from within the project tasks list view when using the OpenAir redesigned user experience.

Integrate OpenAir with external APIs and automatically execute workflow processes with outbound calling scripts. Set the preferred landing page for Resources using the XML API or SOAP API instead of setting it manually for each user. Read and modify the Project billing transaction currency with the XML API and SOAP API. Administrators can now view the API request limits in Administration > Global Settings > API Limits.

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