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What is NetSuite OpenAir Reporting and Dashboards?

NetSuite OpenAir reporting and dashboards provide robust reporting and analytical tools that are integrated across all modules to deliver on-demand, real-time data. View and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyze metrics to give project managers instant access to the information that matters, like utilization, project margins, and budgets vs. actual.

Intelligent Reporting

Display the KPIs that mean the most to you, as you log in. Easily extend service delivery data for augmented, companywide visibility.

NetSuite OpenAir tells us exactly how much revenue we’re generating from our projects and our customers in real-time.

Donald Austin
Executive Director, One Pacific

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NetSuite OpenAir Reporting and Dashboards Benefits

  • Improved Delivery Reporting Metrics. Schedule, deliver, and download reports to keep key stakeholders aware of the status of every facet of your projects.
  • Unified Visibility. View all information needed to successfully deliver projects from an executive dashboard. Track critical KPIs and project performance, and adjust as needed to stay in scope.
  • Automate Processes. Create custom workflows so that, as a project is updated, so are all reporting and analytics tied to the project. Automate time and expense reporting to lessen the administrative effort associated with working on a project.
  • Improve Data Sharing. Ensure every stakeholder is operating from the same shared data, and make capturing data from other BI tools easy. Convenient connectivity means all reporting is done in real time.

NetSuite OpenAir Reporting and Dashboards Features

For many services organizations, metrics-based management is key to success. OpenAir reporting functionality lets project managers schedule, deliver, and download reports to ensure stakeholders are always aware of the status of projects.

Message and Status Reporting Portlets

OpenAir home page portlets give teams and managers all the information they need to track what matters to them. Use the message board to share information across the company, while reminders and status portlets provide visibility into specific project workflows. Easily see what needs action, and be notified in real time of project progress. Views of open reports, approvals, and request notifications provide full visibility of project status.

Message and Status Reporting Portlets dashboard

Tailored Dashboards

Dashboards can be configured for various roles, but OpenAir is all about personalization. Users can rearrange, minimize, or expand portlets and easily add or remove charts and reports.

Tailored Dashboards dashboard

Detailed Reporting

Break reporting down by finances, delivery, staffing, and other KPIs. View a portfolio of projects or drill down to focus on one client, and create comprehensive historical and forecast reports. Filter status reports into overall risk categories so that issues can be corrected and projects delivered on time and on budget. Download, print, or share reports directly from the home screen for offline reporting.

Detailed Reporting dashboard

Rapid Report Editor

With OpenAir's new report editor, preview, view, or export reports and make quick changes to filters and ranges. Save time and effort while getting the exact view required.

Rapid Report Editor dashboard

Business Intelligence

Easily and automatically capture and use OpenAir services delivery data within your BI solution. Augment data from OpenAir to create complex reports, or use OpenAir data to create dashboards and reports in your BI tool.

Business Intelligence dashboard

Challenges NetSuite OpenAir Reporting and Dashboards Solve

  • Disparate Reporting. Use prebuilt or configure custom reports within OpenAir and use the BI connector to share data within preferred BI tools.
  • Poor Visibility. Dashboards can be customized to surface the data critical to project success. Drill down deeper for project-by-project financials and status reports.
  • Deficient Reporting. Project managers and stakeholders can monitor project progress, bookings, milestones, percent complete, and costs.
  • Manual Tracking. As data is entered against a project it is automatically applied to reports based on workflows and business rules.

How Much Does NetSuite OpenAir Project Reporting and Dashboards Cost?

Companies of every size have made the move to NetSuite OpenAir. Looking for a better way to run your projects but wondering about the cost?

Users subscribe to NetSuite OpenAir for an annual license fee. Your license is made up of two main components: core platform and number of users. There is also a one-time implementation fee for initial setup.

Project reporting and dashboards are included with the NetSuite OpenAir module.

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